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StepTWO of Growth Track includes two assesments, the DISC personality assesment, and the Spiritual Gifts assesment.
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Next, you will complete the spiritual gifts assesment. Again you can proceed by clicking on the button below.

Here are your results from both of the assesments! You can read more about your results in the growth track handbook pdf located HERE the freedom church website. Don't forget to make a note of these results and keep them in mind as you go forward into a ministry position!

DISC Personality Test

Respond to the statements on each page according to how well each statement describes you. Use this scale to number each statement:
1 – Never
2 – Rarely
3 – Sometimes
4 - Often
5- Always
Allow yourself six minutes to answer all questions before moving on

1 - Never 2 - Rarely 3 - Sometimes 4 - Often 5 - Always

  1. I am assertive, demanding, and decisive

  2. I enjoy influencing and inspiring other people

  3. I thrive in consistent environments

  4. I typically do not take big risks

  5. I enjoy doing multiple tasks at once

  6. I am optimistic about others

  7. I prefer specifics over generalizations

  8. I love tasks, order, and details

  9. I thrive in a challenge-based environment

  10. I tend to be the life of the party

  11. I enjoy small groups of people

  12. I am right most of the time

  13. I think about tasks more than others or myself

  14. I think about motivating other people

  15. I prefer being a member of a team

  16. I comply with clearly defined rules

  17. I am motivated by accomplishment and authority

  18. I am motivated by recognition and approval

  19. I am motivated by stability and support

  20. I am motivated by quality and correctness

Oh no, it looks like you may have missed an answer. Please go back to check that all prompts have a response before you proceed.

Spiritual Gifts Test

Respond to the spiritual gifts statements in the Spiritual Assessment by selecting the number that indicates how each statement describes you.

1 – Almost Never
2 – Sometimes
3 – Almost Always


    1 – Almost Never
    2 – Sometimes
    3 – Almost Always

  1. I like organizing services and events

  2. I am interested in starting new churches

  3. I enjoy working with my hands

  4. I can tell when someone is insincere

  5. I pray daily for people who don't know Jesus

  6. Encouraging others is is a high priority in my life

  7. I trust God to provide for my daily needs

  8. I am passionate about financially investing in the Kingdom of God

  9. I look for oportunities to pray for the sick

  10. I enjoy doing little things that others typically do not enjoy

  11. I often have people over to my house

  12. I enjoy spending hours in prayer for other people

  13. Education is very important to me

  14. I tend to motivate others to get involved

  15. I hurt when I see others hurting

  16. I believe that God will use me to enact His miracles

  17. I enjoy sharing the Gospel with other people groups and nationalities

  18. I've devoted considerable time to mastering my voice and/or musical instrument

  19. Caring for those who are hurting is one of my highest priorities

  20. I get frustrated when people knowingly sin

  21. I enjoy serving behind the scenes

  22. I like creating outlines of the bible

  23. God has used me to interpret what someone speaking in tongues is saying

  24. I enjoy the book of proverbs more than any other book in the bible

  25. I am passionate about managing details

  26. I like to help start new ministry projects

  27. I consider myself a craftsman or craftswoman

  28. I sense when situations are spiritually unhealthy

  29. I am greatly motivated by seeing people who don't know God be saved

  30. I come across as loving and caring

  31. Asking God for a list of seemingly impossible things is exciting to me

  32. I find ways to give offerings above my tithe

  33. I believe miraculous healing is possible and still happens

  34. Helping others is one of my greatest motivations

  35. Creating a warm and welcoming environment is important to me

  36. I am burdened to pray for situations affecting the world

  37. People come to me to learn more about God and the Bible

  38. I prefer to take the lead whenever possible

  39. I am very sensitive to sad stories

  40. Miracles often happen when I'm nearby

  41. The idea of living in another country to benefit the Gospel is exciting to me

  42. I desire to serve the church through worship

  43. I enjoy connecting, caring for, and coaching others

  44. Confronting someone about a sin in their life is important to me

  45. It bothers me when people sit around and do nothing

  46. I share Biblical truth with others to help them grow

  47. I pray in toungues daily

  48. When I study Scripture, I receive unique insights from God

  49. Creating a task list is easy and enjoyable for me

  50. I am attracted to ministries that start new churches

  51. Building something with my hands is very satisfying to me

  52. I can pinpoint issues or problems quickly

  53. Sharing the Gospel with someone I do not know is exciting and natural for me

  54. I look for ways to encourage other people

  55. I trust that God has my back in every situation

  56. I want to make more money so that I can give more

  57. God has used me to bring healing to those who are sick

  58. Being a part of the process is fulfilling to me

  59. I tend to make total strangers feel at home

  60. People often ask me to pray for them

  61. I enjoy knowing Biblical details and helping others understand them too

  62. I delegate responsibilities to accomplish tasks

  63. I am motivated to help people in need

  64. I have a constant hunger to see God's miraculous power

  65. I focus a lot on reaching the world for Christ

  66. I gain my deepest satisfaction through leading others in vocal or instrumental worship

  67. I enjoy helping people who are going through a difficult time

  68. I enjoy hearing passionate and clear preaching of God's Word

  69. I like to do small things that others overlook

  70. I prefer to teach and study the bible topically rather than verse by verse

  71. Praying in tongues is encouraging and important to me

  72. When faced with difficulty, I tend to make wise decisions

Oh no, it looks like you may have missed an answer. Please go back to check that all prompts have a response before you proceed.

Please write down your top 2 personality scores. This is your personality style and you'll be entering this combination into your Growth Track Connection Form later.

Your DISC scores are:

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“D” personalities are dominant, direct, task-oriented, decisive, organized, outgoing, and outspoken. As you embrace these strengths, also make sure to:

“I” personalities are influential, witty, easygoing, outgoing, and people oriented. As you embrace these strengths, also make sure to:

“S” personalities are steady, stable, analytical, introverted, and people oriented. As you embrace these strengths, also make sure to:

“C” personalities are compliant, competent, task-oriented, goal-oriented, and introverted. As you embrace these strengths, also make sure to:

For more in-depth information about these values, refer to the Growth Track handbook

Please write down your top 3 gifts. You'll be entering these into your Growth Track Connection Form later.

Your top three spirtitual gifts are:

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